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Jobs in Singapore

CRITICAL staff shortages in certain key professions in Singapore could lead to pay rises of up to 40 per cent in the next 12 months, a new survey has found.

Professionals in the finance sector are expected to be the biggest winners on the salary front. They are set to command pay rises of 15 to 30 per cent as Singapore cements its status as a global financial hub

These include staff involved in the booming private banking and wealth management field - catering to the swelling ranks of cashed-up types. In fact, some professionals in this sector with special skills could be looking at pay rises of up to 40 per cent
jobs in the booming property and construction sector are also among those set for hefty pay hikes. A salary rise of 15 to 20 per cent is on the cards for project management roles in construction.

And real estate professionals are in line for a 10 per cent pay rise as the property market continues to flourish over the next 12 months.
1,400 employees and 170 employers in Singapore
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