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Malaysian GP - Cost and Benefit Analysis

the government will have to spend RM20 million (US$5.77 million) to improve infrastructure and install new lighting at the circuit in order to hold a night race.

'The government is still mulling over the cost factor,' Mr Liow was quoted as saying in The Star. 'That is why we have yet to sign the contract to extend the F1 race in Malaysia from 2010 to 2015.' He said F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone wants Malaysia to hold night races to attract more television viewers from Europe and secure greater sponsorship.

Mr Liow did not immediately answer calls to his mobile phone.

Mr Liow told Parliament that Malaysia has benefited from the F1 in many ways, such as tourism. This year's event drew 115,000 spectators to the circuit, 30 per cent of whom were foreigners, he was quoted as saying by The Star.