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Singapore Study

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Singapore also scored for control of corruption,
rule of law (public confidence in the quality of contract enforcement, the police and the courts) and political stability.
The Republic has again been ranked among the world's best-run 16 or so countries, scoring in the top percentile in five of six measures of governance in a World Bank study of 212 countries and territories.
On both these indicators, Singapore obtained near-100 per cent scores, and is behind only Denmark for government effectiveness, and behind only Hong Kong for regulatory quality.
The other two indicators where Singapore ranks in the top percentile
In Governance Matters, 2007: Worldwide Governance Indicators 1996-2006, released yesterday in Washington, DC, World Bank researchers rate Singapore particularly strongly
for government effectiveness (quality of policy formulation and implementation, and of the civil service) and regulatory quality (reflected in sound, market-friendly policies).
in league of best run countries