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Taxi Demand and Supply

Mr Lim hoped the taxi companies could find ways to bridge this gap between supply and demand. He suggested a 30-minute express service.

"A 30-minute service means that every time you call this number, a taxi will come within 30 minutes. The point is that taxi services, by nature, must be different from (other) public transport. Anything the MRT can do, anything the public buses can do, we must make sure taxis do not end up competing with them,” said Mr Lim.

He added: "If we compete with the MRT or buses directly, I think we will lose. So, if we continue to create value-added services, the future for taxi drivers will continue to be bright."

Mr Lim commended taxi companies for rolling out new services in the past two years, such as the medical chaperone service, where medical tourists are picked up from the airport and taken to hospital.

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