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Market Failure, Demand and Supply

The police have two CCTV projects in collaboration with town councils and HDB.

In the first project, CCTV cameras are installed at common areas managed by the town councils, such as multi-storey carparks, lift landings and corridors.

In the other project with HDB, selected multi-storey carparks are fitted with CCTV cameras to determine the feasibility of harnessing technology to deter crimes.

HDB said it manages more than 700 multi-storey carparks islandwide.

So how does Mr Shahril think the cameras can be funded?

"The government should meet the cost initially, and along the way, drivers can also pay a little more for their season parking... to help ensure the safety of their vehicles," he said.

The police said the cameras, meant to "complement police presence on the ground," are installed at locations that are chosen with "crime, security and public order considerations in mind".

The cameras helped the police in their investigations in a series of thefts from vehicles in Bukit Panjang in 2007.

Camera footage from carparks in the estate helped them identify the suspect. He was arrested and sentenced to a year's jail.

- Eoin Ee, newsroom intern

Describe the Market Failure

How will the cost of CCTV be transferred to the user?

Use Cost-Benefit Analysis

Should there no longer be the need to have police patrol?