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Exam Tips

1) Market Failure, Price Mechanism, Price Floor/Ceiling

2) Demand Supply, Elasticity, Oil = Inflation

3) Market Structure, Monopoly (AC,MC pricing), Price Discrimination, Compare Market Structures

4) NIA, Economic growth (remember use GDP)

**5) This section may come out BIG TIME for casestudy

Foreign Exchange, International Trade, Globalisation, TOT, Marshall Lerner Condition, J Curve, Current Account, Capital Account, BOP
Interest rates, Monetary Policy
Fiscal Policy
Keynesian - Remember that Obama's Fiscal Policy is using Keynesian

6) Macroeconomic Policies Inflation, Unemployment, BOP, EG


  • Strategise how you will get at least 40 marks
  • Diagrams (label correctly) - ADAS Diagram
  • Singapore context (Read the Blue Book)
  • Compare Monopoly to PC industry not PC firm
  • Internal and External EOS
  • Rich and Poor countries
  • Revise on the Theory of Comparative Advantage Table
  • Revise about Singapore's FTA
  • Singapore Monetary Policy
  • Definitions

For Q5 Flow chart)

Foreign Exchange
X, M
ML condition, J curve
Support the currency
One reason why SG uses ERP as MP

But remember that if ? comes out on BOP deficit, must also bring in Capital Account.